Adidas was founded in 1924 by the German entrepreneur, Adolf Dassler. Over the last eight decades, the company has grown tremendously. Prior to the Second World War, Adidas manufactured some 200,000 shoes a year. Today, however, production figures are in the millions and the company earns an annual income in excess of €550 million. The firm has also been at the forefront of research into developing lighter, more comfortable and more versatile sports footwear.

Adidas has been keen to maintain strong links with some of the world’s most famous sports personalities such as the German footballing legends, Michael Ballack and Franz Beckenbauer. The company is also an official sponsor of the London Marathon and spent some €70 million on promotional activities during the recently concluded Beijing Olympic Games.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest offerings from the company.

Latest Shoes

AdiSTAR Control 5

The AdiSTAR Control 5 shoe has been an instant hit with runners. This shoe is best suited to those athletes who regularly undertake intensive training sessions or engage in high mileage road running and racing. It’s comfortable, flexible and resists wear and tear well. This shoe incorporates Adidas’ state of the art ForMotion technology which is sure to provide the wearer with a super smooth running experience. According to its manufacturers, the AdiStar Control 5 shoe fits like a glove. This running shoe has received a very favourable response from wearers. According to users, it’s perfect for those runners who have medium to high-arched feet. However, reviewers have reminded wearers to bear in mind that the AdiStar Control 5 does not come with a waterproof exterior and so should not be used in wet conditions.

Supernova Cushion 7

If you’re looking for a running shoe that has earned the satisfaction of some of the world’s toughest athletes, then the Supernova Cushion 7 from Adidas is certainly worth checking out. As the name suggests, this shoe will keep your feet extremely comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean that the Supernova compromises on speed. According to Adidas, the Supernova has been “designed to take you far quickly.” The Supernova comes with a breathable upper and a specially designed interior which is certain to keep unpleasant moisture to a minimum. Light and flexible, it’s the perfect option for those runners who want a comfortable shoe that’s guaranteed to perform.

AdiStar Ride

This shoe is luxuriously comfortable. Your feet might even be fooled into believing that they’re running over a cushion of air. It boasts high levels of shock absorbency and is flexible enough to deal with changing running conditions. The AdiStar features a seamless design and is sure to provide you with an impeccable fit seeing as it comes complete with Adidas’ GeoFit technology. The inclusion of Adidas’ ClimaCool system into the design of this shoe allows for added comfort, especially over long runs. In addition, Adidas’ Motion technology ensures that your running experience is kept as smooth as possible. Reviewers have, however, pointed out a few flaws with this shoe. One runner noted that whilst this shoe provided the wearer with adequate cushioning, cushion coverage had a tendency to feel rather uneven. Another area of concern was the AdiStar Ride’s slightly stiff heel.

Response Trial 15

The Response Trail 15 running shoe from Adidas is superb for trail training. Its sturdy sole is sure to provide the wearer with unmatched levels of grip even over the harshest terrain. The Response Trail 15 shoes are also guaranteed to resist wear and tear. These shoes also feature a seamless upper layer which ensures that your feet are kept as comfortable as possible. The Response Trail 15 comes with an eye-catching silver and orange exterior that is sure to get you noticed whatever the track conditions.

Response Cushion 17

If you’re looking for a shoe that can be relied on to perform time and time again, then the Response Cushion 17 from Adidas is certainly worth a try. This shoe comes with a versatile heel that is quick to adapt to your running conditions. Cushioned inserts ensure that your feet are kept as comfortable as possible whilst a sturdy, durable sole resists wear even when put to regular use over rough terrain. A breathable upper layer completes the specification of this fine shoe. The Response Cushion 17 comes with a smart white exterior emblazoned with Adidas’ trademark stripes in yellow.

Adizero LT

Adidas’ Adizero LT is sure to provide you with unparalleled levels of agility. Its streamlined design allows you to maximize your potential and reach superior speeds. The manufacturers have not compromised on comfort either. Interior inserts provide additional cushioning whilst specialised ClimaCool technology keeps perspiration to a minimum. Best of all, according to Adidas, this shoe is certain to fit like a glove. Runners appear to be pleased with it. One wearer described the Adizero LT as “a great trainer” that’s “light (and) comfortable.” You need not worry about blisters with this innovative shoe!

Adizero Tempo

Here’s another lightweight running shoe from Adidas. According to its manufacturers, this shoe is sure to “deliver comfort when you need it most.” Wearers do not appear to disagree with this assessment. The Adizero Tempo’s ability to provide you with a comfortable running experience is enhanced through the incorporation of a seamless, breathable upper layer into its design. A sturdy midsole, manufactured from two plastic heel plates, provides runners with added support. The Adizero Tempo’s specialised design also provides you with impeccable balance. This shoe comes with a stylish silver, black and red exterior. Runners have responded well to these running shoes, describing them as “lightweight and snug.” Best of all, they retain their grip even when used in wet conditions. The Adizero Tempo is perfect for those athletes who go for short to medium distance runs on a regular basis.