Puma was established in 1924 as a manufacturer of quality sports footwear and equipment. The German company is perhaps most famous for its highly popular line of football boots and running shoes. Throughout its history, Puma has sought to maintain close ties with professional athletes. Perhaps one of the most famous sportspersons to receive Puma sponsorship to date is the Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt, who won gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m track events at the recently concluded Beijing Olympic Games.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest running shoes from Puma.

Latest Shoes

Puma Complete Trail 100

If you’re looking for a shoe that provides comfort, speed and agility, then the Puma Complete Trail 100 is certainly worth checking out. This shoe comes with an upper layer made from perforated foam and synthetic mesh fibres. It has been designed to ensure that the wearer benefits from superior comfort levels even whilst running over rocky or muddy terrain. A durable rubber outsole guarantees exceptional traction. According to wearers, this shoe is extremely lightweight and lets you “hit the ground running.”

Puma Complete Calibus

The Puma Complete Calibus running shoe is known for its versatility. It’s a great option regardless of whether you’re going on a casual run or training for the London marathon. This shoe comes with a super light KMS midsole. Additional features include a cushioned interior that leaves your feet feeling comfortable even at the end of a long run. The inclusion of EverTrack and EverRide compound fibres in this Calibus’ outsole ensures superior traction. This shoe also features the latest IdCELL technology which allows for maximum shock absorption and reduces pressure to the most sensitive parts of the wearer’s foot.

Puma Complete Tenos V

This trainer is the latest in a long line of Puma running shoes designed to allow you to make the most of your fitness routine. This lightweight shoe comes with a mesh upper layer that has been specially formulated to maximise breathability and keep unpleasant moisture to a minimum. Modifications to the latest version of this popular shoe allow the wearer to benefit from increased flexibility. Runners have responded favourably to the shoe which they note is “comfortable,…true to (the manufacturer’s stated) size …(and) easy to clean.” One owner even went so far as to claim that it was the best running shoe he’d ever worn.

Puma Complete Magnetist

This state of the art running shoe from Puma is guaranteed to impress. It’s best suited to running on track and pavement and combines stylish aesthetics with comfort and breathability. Wearers appear to have few complaints when it comes to this shoe. They appear to be particularly pleased with the Complete Magnetist’s lightweight configuration and impact-resistant design. This shoe comes with an eye-catching silver and orange exterior that’s sure to turn heads whatever your running conditions.

Puma Complete Eutopia

The Eutopia is another high-performance running shoe from Puma. This shoe has been specially crafted to allow for maximum comfort and breathability. Its mesh upper layer ensures interior air circulation whilst its lightweight design guarantees a smooth run. The Puma Complete Eutopia features a DuoCELL midsole which is certain to provide you with superior levels of comfort and stability. This shoe also comes with a state of the art reflective exterior which allows for increased night-time visibility. The Puma Complete Eutopia is best suited to those runners with normal to high-arched feet.

Puma Complete Concinnity

This running shoe is a great option if you’re looking to improve your fitness levels. The Concinnity incorporates many of the other favourable features seen in Puma’s range of running shoes. One feature you’re bound to notice, however, is its weight – The Concinnity is so light your feet might feel that they’re running over a cushion of air. This feeling is enhanced by Puma’s incorporation of IdCELL cushioning technology into the design of this shoe. Puma haven’t compromised on durability either. The Concinnity comes with a super strong outsole which, manufacturers argue, will allow you to get “maximum mileage” out of your running shoe.

Puma Complete Infinitus

The Complete Infinitus shoe from Puma is a great choice for those runners who train on a daily basis. It’s certain to keep your feet very comfortable thereby allowing you to push yourself to your full potential. The Infinitus comes with a breathable faux leather upper. It also features Puma’s ArcTech technology to maintain foot stability during training. Additional cushioning is provided by the Puma KMS Lite midsole. This shoe has been a favourite with the manufacturer’s female clientele. The women’s version of the Complete Infinitus comes with an attractive black and pink exterior.

Puma Complete Trailfox II XCR

Here’s a quality shoe that’s sure to impress even the most hardened trail runners out there. According to Puma, this running shoe will allow you to reach “new extremes.” A quick look at this Trailfox’s specification suggests that this claim is no exaggeration. This Trailfox comes with a breathable, water resistant upper layer. Cushioned inserts allow for maximum comfort whilst a quality sole ensures that wear and tear is kept to a minimum even if you regularly run over rugged terrain.

Puma Cortland XC Spike

The Puma Cortland XC Spike shoe is well suited to cross country running. This shoe comes with a number of desirable features including an exterior which has been specially formulated to maximise shock absorbance. The Cortland XC’s outsole allows you to reach superior speeds even when running across unfriendly terrain. The inclusion of removable spikes increases the Cortland’s versatility as a training shoe. Runners have responded favourably to this top of the line trainer which they state is sure to boost the performance of any aspiring athlete. This running shoe comes with an eye-catching orange and tan exterior that’s sure to get you noticed even on the muddiest of trails.