Reebok is probably one of the best known manufacturers of sports footwear. The company was founded in 1895 in Bolton as JW Foster and Sons. In 1958, the company was re-named Reebok. Over the last 100 years, Reebok has expanded significantly and now has international offices on six continents. The company’s name is drawn from the Afrikaans spelling of ‘rhebok,’ a type of gazelle known for its speed and agility.

In 2005, Adidas announced that it intended to acquire Reebok and incorporate the brand into its holdings. Today, Reebok sponsors a number of professional players and teams, including Bolton Wanderers Football Club and the South American giants, Sao Paolo. The company also produces kits for teams in the US National Hockey League. These new uniforms incorporate the very latest Reebok Edge technology which is designed to maximise comfort and repel water and sweat. Reebok has also embarked on a number of successful advertising campaigns involving prominent celebrities such as Scarlet Johansson who promotes the “Scarlett Hearts’ Rbk” range.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest Reebok running shoes to hit the market.

Latest Boots


If you’re looking for a pair of strong, comfortable running shoes, then the Reebok Swara is certain to suit your needs. These shoes come with an open mesh upper layer which is designed to maximise breathability and reduce sweat production. Extra support and cushioning is provided by a specialised DMX foam layer. Finally a carbon-rubber heel allows for increased traction and speed regardless of surface conditions. Runners appear to be pleased with this shoe. According to owners, the Swara allows its wearer to “hit the ground running.” This shoe is definitely worth checking out.

Pulse Groove

The Pulse Groove shoe from Reebok is well-suited to workouts which involve a variety of different routines. This shoe comes with a super-soft full grain leather upper which is sure to provide you with superior levels of breathability. Added cushioning and a removable PU sockliner allow for increased comfort. The Pulse Groove running shoe also features a durable rubber sole which provides the runner with increased traction and flexibility. This shoe comes with a choice of exteriors – runners can chose between a black, white or cream upper layer.

Smoothfit Mobile Trainer

According to its manufacturers, this shoe is so comfortable you’ll feel as though you’re running on a cushion of air. This boot features the very latest in Reebok’s Smoothfit technology and is designed to maximise comfort levels whatever the surface. Added cushioning is provided by an ETC sockliner which also works to keep feet as cool as possible. In addition, the Smoothfit’s state of the art design is intended to maximise lateral support. Anti-microbial linings reduce perspiration and help maintain freshness. This shoe comes with a variety of striking exteriors and is certain to get you noticed on the track.

Studio Beat Low

These running shoes are super light and super supportive. The Studio Beat Low shoes feature a hard-wearing upper layer made from synthetic fibres. Interior cushioning allows for increased comfort whilst a removable sockliner minimises the pressure exerted on the most sensitive parts of the foot during heavy exercise. This shoe also comes with a rubber outsole which provides the wearer with increased traction.

Reebok Integrity Trainer

The Reebok Integrity shoe is known for its versatility. Regardless of whether you’re running in the gym or on the street, you’ll find that these sturdy trainers are quick to respond to your needs. They come with a number of features designed to maximise your mobility. The upper portion of the shoe has been constructed to provide the wearer with increased lateral and medial support whilst forefoot flex grooves allow for added agility. Runners have responded positively to the Integrity Trainer. Wearers appear to be particularly pleased with its fit and aesthetics.

RBK Action Trainer

Reebok’s Action Trainer is an all-purpose running shoe. It comes with a quality upper layer manufactured from a combination of leather and synthetic fibres. Cushioned DMX foam inserts in the interior of the shoe allow for increased comfort whilst a multi-surface outsole maximises traction. This shoe is sure to provide wearers with an excellent fit as it comes in a variety of widths.

Trail Exhibition

The Trail Exhibition trainer from Reebok is designed to perform even over the harshest terrains. This running shoe comes with all the features you’d want in a tough running shoe, including a cushioned interior and a DMX foam layer at the heel for maximal comfort. A mesh upper layer ensures breathability. You’ll find that this shoe also includes a specially-designed gusseted tongue which prevents debris from entering the shoe whilst the wearer is running along rocky trails. has given this trainer a 7 out of 10 rating.

Premier Phoenix

The Premier Phoenix men’s running shoe combines a sleek exterior with superior comfort and flexibility. This shoe comes with an interior layer of DMX foam for added foot support and protection. A mesh upper layer allows for increased air circulation and keeps unwanted perspiration to a minimum. This shoe also features a revolutionary ‘reflective’ exterior which allows for increased night visibility. According to its manufacturers, this technology ensures that the wearer of the Phoenix shoe is able to concentrate “on the road” even when visibility conditions are poor.

Premier Verona KFS

This running shoe features Reebok’s renowned Kinetic Fit System. This system provides the wearer with increased speed, agility and comfort. This shoe also comes with Reebok’s Play Dry lining technology which minimises unwelcome moisture. Additional interior DMX foam cushioning maximises comfort allowing the wearer to run for longer. The Premier Verona is a resilient shoe. It comes with a sturdy outer layer which maintains its grip even after regular use. Its rubber outsole has been specially crafted to maximise durability. The Premier Verona XFS is aesthetically pleasing too. The latest version of the Verona comes with an eye-catching red and white exterior.