Getting started: A beginners’ training programme

There are many beginners’ programmes available on the Web. Have a look and choose one you think you might like trying. Remember, changing your mind is always an option if you find you don’t like a particular programme. Here’s an example of a week-by-week training programme for absolute beginners:

On two separate days for the first week

  • Walk for at least 5 minutes at a good pace to warm up.
  • Stretch. There are many ways to do this, just keep in mind not to overstretch.
  • Run at a comfortable pace for 10 – 15 minutes, alternating between running and walking as needed. Go easy, running at a pace at which you would still be able to hold a conversation.
  • Walk for a few minutes to cool down.
  • Stretch again, gently.

On the second week

  • Same as the first week, but push yourself just a little harder on the running section: As before, walk when you feel you need to, but start running again as soon as you can. Try to run a little more this time.

On the third week

  • Same as second week, but now do the running section for a little longer (15 – 20 minutes), with fewer walking breaks. Keep this up for the next week.

On the fifth week

  • Same as the third and fourth weeks, but now do the whole thing 3 separate days a week. You should go back to running/walking for 10-15 minutes. Keep this up for two more weeks.

On the eighth week

  • The last week! We’re building on what we’ve achieved during the fifth, sixth, and seventh weeks. Just to add a little extra challenge, let’s do our routine four days a week now.

From now on

  • Congratulations! You are now ready to move on. You might have found that the training regime you’ve grown used to so far is just what you like, or you might enjoy the challenge of setting yourself a goal (a 5k fun run anyone?). Enjoy!